“It should not require wealth to acquire beauty.” -Don Chappèll

As a young boy, I could always be found playing in my mothers or grandmothers jewelry boxes, hidden deep within their closets. As time went on, I went to modeling school, then cosmetology school, diving into every sense of fashion I could find, reading every fashion magazine for both men and women that were available at the time.. I began intensely studying gemstones and found fascination in how they came to this earth. There was such beauty in everything, from the rock to the best sapphire on earth…


I came across a gemologist who was wearing a Russian Alexandrite ring. I inquired about it and she was surprised that I had known of the gemstone. After a long discussion, she suggested that I attempt jewelry design. Having been a hair dresser for over 30 years, I asked permission to design rings for some of my clients. Luckily, I garnered their full support. After creating a few pieces for my salon clientele, the jewelry received quite a bit of attention from well-known designers throughout the world (as many of my clients are travelers).. I decided to give it a go...


...And here I am.


I do not believe that you need to spend a fortune to acquire beauty, as we know it is in the eyes of the beholder.. I tailor my designs, not to the amount of currency in your purse or wallet, but to your personality…


Thank you for all of your support and patience . 

About Don Chappèll

I design, create, source internationally, and build beauty from ideas

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